Network setup – a case study in reliability

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Network setup – a case study in reliability

The network setup for a business is different to home based networks.

In particular, a good IT support provider pays attention not only to what you need now, but also where your business is going. Recently, one of our clients moved offices. We helped them with a rock-solid network setup.


The Goal

Our growing client required a solid, stable network that was devoid of dropouts, had the capacity to support >25 users, was a mix of wired and wireless technology, covered the entire office and had capacity to support new technology as well as additional staff.


Having previously worked with traditional vendors like Cisco, our client was looking for a lower cost network setup solution. In consultation with the client, we deployed on a Ubiquiti based system. Implementing the best of both the Unifi and EdgeMax range, our installed and supported solution includes a full gigabit wired network solution, as well as an 802.11ac (gigabit) wireless technology platform. With our cloud hosted management suite, we reduced the need for hardware on the client site.


The challenge


Having been plagued with wireless issues, in their new office the client requested the fastest, most stable network option for internal traffic. This needed to be combined with future-proof wireless for hot-desk users and capacity for a telephone on every desk. The solution must be reliable and have the capacity to expand as the business continues to grow.

Working with electrical contractors, Adept IT ensured that all desks had cat6-quality network cables installed and connected back to a central gigabit switch. The switch was subsequently configured to a firewall device capable of handling multiple internet connections for load balancing and redundancy, as well as high performance. Gigabit-technology wireless access points were installed and configured to provide a fantastic range of coverage across the building. As part of the network setup, we provided 2 network ports on every desk, allowing the neccessary future capacity for telephone handsets. The network switches are currently at 50% capacity which provides headroom for growth with the business.


The review

As a rapidly growing company, our client had moved 3 times in recent years, each time utilising a combination of consumer wireless routers and network cables strewn across the floor. Network dropouts were frequent and OH&S concerns had been raised. Our network setup stabilised the platform and improved productivity.

“After Adept IT completed a network setup in our new office, my team have reported an increase in the performance of the network. We no longer see dropouts and even complex internet pages load quickly. Visiting staff are able to connect to the wireless and experience high performance for their phones and tablets.

Adept IT have provided and support a cloud based management system. Not only can we see where trouble might occur in our network, but we have piece of mind that the system is monitored and covered by professional IT technicians. I don’t have to worry any more and can get on with my work.”    –Office Manager (This customer requested not to be identified)