IT Solutions

Trusted IT Solutions

Adept IT provides it’s customers with professional, trusted IT solutions, support and advice. Our technical specialists provide advice that is backed with extensive experience and designed to meet the needs of your business. Our advice is backed with over a decade of experience and our IT service and support customers appreciate having information provided in a non-technical manner, that they can easily understand.

IT Sales


Software Sales

Software sales is an integral part of your IT solution. As software sales specialists, Adept IT actively engages with several software vendors and can identify and source the ideal software products for your IT services needs at below retail prices. Our vendor partnerships include Microsoft , Trend Micro, and Adobe.

Hardware Sales

Adept IT provides customers with laptops, desktops, servers and network equipment. We identify and suggest the hardware  options that are best suited to your business and particular needs at any time.


Server Support

Adept IT manage and support all elements of Microsoft Windows Server or Small Business Server environments. Our technicians are highly experienced and have been building, maintaining and supporting Windows Server platforms for over a decade.


Adept IT has qualified IT service technicians available to build and manage Windows Servers, Exchange Servers and Small Business Servers for your business IT solutions in Melbourne. Having supported over 100 environments, we are confident that our experience will enable us to manage the unique elements of your infrastructure.

Desktop Support

Our passion for technology and extensive desktop support experience makes us ideally suited to support your Windows based desktop or laptop. Adept IT technicians have intimate knowledge of all Microsoft operating systems and functionality. This knowledge allows us to quickly zero in on problematic areas.

Virus removal

The technicians at Adept IT are able to quickly and efficiently find and remove viruses from your computer system. Our knowledge of the operating system means that we are able to analyse the internal software and recognise when something is out of place. We supply and support several well known antivirus products and take great pride in protecting our customer’s systems.

IT Office Setup


Adept IT are specialists in setting up and relocating business IT systems. Whether you’re starting a new business or moving to a new premises, we are able to plan and organise all aspects of setting up your IT infrastructure.

IT Office Relocations

With intimate knowledge of timelines and requirements, we manage the process ensuring minimal downtime. From the orderly shutdown of your systems, to packing up items and preparing them for transfer; we can make sure everything is done in a controlled and logical order.

IT Consulting

Adept IT provide project plans, proposals and costing, to design and implement IT solutions.


From something as simple as buying and setting up a new computer, to moving all your servers to your own private cloud, our technicians have the knowledge and the experience to develop and implement a solution that meets your business’s particular needs.