Adhoc IT Support

Adhoc IT support with Adept IT is a cost effective way of ensuring your business has experienced, capable IT support and assistance when you need it most.

By providing a flexible, convenient and affordable IT support solution, you can work on your business in the knowledge that trusted, experienced IT professionals are available to help you with your IT support needs.

Our experience has shown that most of the IT support issues we deal with can be resolved in under 30 minutes. Our remote access tools allow us to provide our customers with a rapid response and we are able to efficiently identify and resolve the faults within your computer systems.

Adhoc IT support is ideal for business that have simple IT platforms and small IT support requirements. If you have complex requirements, large platforms or need guaranteed response times, we suggest our unlimited IT support packages may be more cost effective way to support your computers without breaking the budget.

Our adhoc IT support services are available as remote IT support or onsite IT support in Melbourne, dependent on your business needs.