Melbourne IT Spam alert – Suspended Domain

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Melbourne IT Spam alert – Suspended Domain

Melbourne IT is one of the primary domain name registrars. Recently, we received multiple emails over several days, telling us our domain with Melbourne IT had been suspended for violation of an abuse policy. These are definitely false alerts and we do not recommend following any of the links in the emails.

Melbourne IT have confirmed these are false emails :


In our notes below, you can see the why these spam emails are so tricky. In this case,it’s definitely not from Melbourne IT

Fake Spam Email

  1. The From address is incorrect – primarily because the domain doesn’t exist, also because that’s not the Melbourne IT domain
  2. The subject of this spam email is reasonable  and the domain name is correct
  3. In the body of the spam email, the domain name and Registrant names are correct. This isn’t surprising, all of this information is publically available
  4. The link to download is definitely not a Melbourne IT link although it does have the correct domain name. While you should not do this, browsing to this location  downloads a file that appears to be a PDF file, but is actually a malware infection
  5. Melbourne IT is an Australian based company. While they do have  US numbers, this is not one of them.
  6. It’s missing any Melbourne IT branding