Cyber Security Management

Adept IT’s Cyber Security Management helps align your business with the Essential Eight, the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) guidelines for securing your business and minimising threats. We utilise an industry leading threat protection platform to enhance your cyber security.

As part of our Malware Protection, we utilise an industry leading Antivirus and Antispam platform. By enforcing automated updates and applying management policies, our solution works to protect your business network. Our Antispam service adds additional layers of protection, including preventing malicious or suspicous links though time-of-click protection. We also include Impersonation Protection, which ensures that someone from outside your organisation cannot send emails impersonating important stakeholders in order to perform illegal acts.

Multi Factor Authentication is an additional layer of verification and a key component to keeping your data secured. With MFA set up, you need to not only know the username and password but be able to complete an additional authentication challenge with your mobile. MFA prevents unauthorised or unexpected logons to your data from unknown locations. With MFA, a new sign in will be detected and you will be prompted by your phone to approve the sign-in. There is a double benefit as not only will the sign in be blocked, but you’ll actually be aware of it as your staff member will get an unexpected prompt.

The team at Adept IT recognise that both Malware Protection and Multi Factor Authentication are core components of the cyber security for your business and we can help you to deploy them today.