Office 365, Email & Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 is an all-inclusive productivity solution that provides you with a business grade email service and the latest Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc); OneDrive storage space; SharePoint & Microsoft Teams. This is coupled with enterprise class communication capabilities, through an ongoing cloud-based subscription service. Office 365 ensures you always have the latest version, automatically applying regular updates as they are released and gives you the added benefit of access to the software on multiple devices.

As Office 365 is a large and inclusive product, it can be difficult to work out exactly which product offerings you need as well as understand what the differences are. That’s we’re we come in. We are here to help you select the best package/s for your business and we understand that not all staff members will require the same services. We have many clients who have a mix of licences, depending on their unique needs.

The team at Adept IT work with you to implement best practices and deploy a first-in-class productivity platform. We can set up Office 365 to link with your on-premise server if needed (Hybrid); or make your business fully cloud-native using M365, the enhanced Office 365 package for small businesses.

Adept IT provide a variety of different Office 365 licences. Our usual collaboration offering with our IT Advantage plan is Office 365 Business Premium. This is an advanced offering as part of Microsoft’s Office 365 platform which includes Office 365 hosted email, SharePoint, OneDrive, Advanced Threat Protection and Windows desktop licensing.

Some of the individual Office 365 options available are listed below:

Business Basic

This plan entitles you to a business grade email service and access to the latest Microsoft Office applications to use online in your browser.

Each user also gets 1TB of OneDrive space – a personal storage space, like Dropbox; SharePoint Online – to store, organise and share data for your organisation; as well as Microsoft Teams – a fully featured collaboration & chat platform.

Business Standard

The Business Standard plan includes all the features of the Business Basic plan, PLUS online and offline access to the Office Productivity Suite, installed on your desktop / laptop / tablet (up to 5 devices per user).

Plan 1

If all you need is email access, then we can supply mailboxes individually. This provides each user with a 50GB business grade email account. A standard part of our Office 365 plans is the inclusion of regular, off-platform backup to ensure that if anything ever does go wrong, we’ve got you covered.