Users That Submit A Ticket Can Enhance IT Efficiency

Our Director recently had his comments published in an industry article about IT ticketing systems. The article is aimed at other support professionals, however the basic elements ring true.

Raise a ticket ; Ticketing system ; Just what do these IT industry words mean?

An IT ticket is just a request – either something is broken, or needs to be changed, or something done. Fairly simple. By asking you to raise a ticket, we’re really saying “let’s get a record of this”.

A ticket system allows IT professionals to manage workloads effectively. We can see, at a glance, all the tickets in our system, including how long they have been open, who they belong to (both an individual, and an organisation) and how important the ticket is.

We are happy to demonstrate our ticketing platform to any customer, or prospective customer at any time. All our customers are given access to the system as well.

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