Helpdesk Support

A core component of our managed IT platform is helpdesk support. We also provide this support on an ad hoc basis for businesses who don’t require a fully managed plan, but want to be able to call upon a reliable IT technician when needed. This support includes assisting users remotely and onsite as needed, resolving their computer issues quickly and preventing downtime. These issues include things such as: troubleshooting problems with programs, changing settings, setting up email accounts, installing or removing programs, etc.

We understand the importance of your business being operational. To ensure you meet this goal, helpdesk support is available 24×7. We’re ready any time of day or night with a friendly response and multiple levels of technical expertise.

When we receive a request, via email or phone, a ticket will be created in our ticketing system. This ensures we capture all relevant details pertaining to the issue. The ticketing system also emails updates and the person who raised the issue can view the status and update the ticket as necessary. Our IT technicians connect to computers remotely to identify and resolve issues and screen sharing access is also available.

There is no additional or hourly support rate for remote support, which is included in all of our managed support plans. Onsite support is included as part of our IT Advantage plan for all critical issues. Additionally, we include 2 hours per month of scheduled onsite support for tasks which otherwise cannot be resolved remotely. Additional onsite hours may be purchased at our prevailing rate.

Helpdesk Support Features

  • 100% Australian-based support for all issues
  • Rapid resolution of complex IT and network issues
  • Service Desk Ticketing system to keep you updated
  • 24/7 Helpdesk support