Monitoring, Alerting & Reporting

IT Support isn’t just about responding reactively when someone needs help. The technicians at Adept IT understand the importance of background knowledge and identifying trends within an individual network. This requires a solid understanding of IT platforms in general, as well as the individual IT environments of our clients. Monitoring gives us the ability to proactively resolve issues, reducing downtime for clients and they also don’t have to worry about calling for IT support.

Our Remote Management Platform allows us to monitor servers and computers, as well as perform actions such as reviewing event logs; installing/uninstalling software; freeing up disk space; etc without interrupting staff members. We monitor both IT servers and desktops/laptops for particular events and respond to automated alerts, which warn us of pending concerns such as low disk space; high resource usage; stopped or failed programs and other errors. This proactive stance allows us to plan for changes and resolve issues before they cause any problems. Our monitoring feeds automatically into our ticketing system and alerts are assigned a priority based on their likely impact and importance.

One of the IT Consulting services that we offer is working with our clients to forecast the technical requirements needed for their business moving forward. This service is included as a part of our IT Advantage management plan. Our quarterly strategic reviews involve spending time with key stakeholders to review the previous quarter’s IT outcomes and identify any upcoming requirements or projects in the next quarter. This gives us the visibility to be able to identify areas where things can be made more efficient in your current environment and the ability to plan for new technologies.