Network Support & Internet Connections

In this day and age, businesses need solid, reliable internet connectivity. By partnering with reputable providers with a similar mindset, we’re able to offer our customers an unparalleled network offering. NBN is still rolling out across the country. The team at Adept IT are able to get your internet service up and running quickly and smoothly.

If your business requires a secure connection between multiple locations, our specialist network technicians can work with you to configure and manage a VPN. This creates a secure, linked network between your locations, or even a direct connection to Azure or AWS.

Our IT Advantage plan includes an industry standard managed firewall on a Hardware-as-a-Service basis with no up-front costs. Our firewall includes monitoring, statistics, and intrusion detection/prevention.

For most of our clients, a 50/20 NBN service is sufficient for regular operation. Where high performance and consistency are a must, we recommend the NBN Business Grade services.

Internet Connection Options

Business Grade Fibre – Offering top of the line connectivity, unparalleled uptime and responsiveness, and available at speeds of up to 1000M a second. Often used for large businesses and data centres, or for smaller businesses where guaranteed performance is required.

NBN Business (TC-2) – If fibre pricing is out of reach, the next best option is what NBN call a “TC-2” Enterprise grade plan. Differing from a normal NBN Service in that all of the provisioned bandwidth is made available solely to your business and not shared amongst neighbouring businesses. TC2 is a symmetrical speed offering, available in a range of speeds. If you have on-premise hosted servers, we usually recommend this option for your business.

NBN – This is the standard connection type. Available to many premises with very short ordering times. NBN can usually be delivered within 3-5 days. Speed packages include 25/5, 50/20 or 100/40. We can provide 4G failover/backup links and unlimited data.

Fixed Wireless – When a traditional cabled service isn’t an option, we also have offerings from several wireless providers. Fixed Wireless can provide your business with speeds ranging from 5 to 500Mb/second. With multiple base stations throughout Melbourne, service areas of up to 10km can be covered with minimal loss in performance, speed and reliability, even during inclement weather.