Server Management

Adept IT specialise in business server management. We provide expert guidance when it comes to selecting a new server or servers, ensuring that your server hardware meets the technical requirements necessary for your unique IT environment. Our experienced technicians also supply, install and support your servers from day one.

Server stability is crucial to the performance and availability of any IT environment. Outages or disruptions to your server can impact your business and ultimately, your bottom line. Whether you have an onsite/on-premise/onprem server, or a cloud based server, Adept IT has the skills and experience to look after your Server Management needs. Our technicians have experience with Microsoft Windows Small Business Server, Microsoft Server 2016, Microsoft Server 2019 & Microsoft Exchange Server.

Our IT Advantage plan includes the management of any servers you have, including keeping up with patches and firmware upgrades. We also include all technical support related to the server and online backup for all company data, including image level backups of the servers, so you have peace of mind. We also offer server management as a separate package for businesses solely seeking server support, or as an add-on to another plan or ad hoc support work we are already providing.