What is Multi Factor Authentication?

An additional layer of verification is a key component to keeping your data secured. With MFA (or Multi Factor Authentication) set up, you need to not only know the username and password but be able to complete an additional authentication challenge with your mobile. The team at Adept IT recognise that MFA should form a core component of the IT Security for your business and we can help you to deploy it today.


How does it work?

When setting up your Office 365 account, we include a mobile phone number and enable MFA. You have 3 options; you can receive a phone call, receive a text message, or use a mobile app to input a generated code.

When you log in for the first time on your computer or phone, you are prompted for the second stage authentication. Once you approve the sign in, you don’t get prompted for the second stage authentication often.

It’s only when you sign in on a new device that you’ll be prompted again. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, we can revoke the MFA keys and set it up on a new device quickly.


How does it help?

MFA prevents unauthorised or unexpected logons to your data from unknown locations.

With MFA, a new sign in will be detected and wait for approval. There is a double benefit as not only will the sign in be blocked, but you’ll actually be aware of it as your staff member will get an unexpected prompt.

We can even set up special policies so when the team is in the office, MFA is not needed, but any time someone signs in from out of the office, they get prompted for the second stage. Your Office 365 / Azure AD based MFA can also be used to secure other SaaS apps you may use.


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